Friday, 29 February 2008

Welcome To The Odeon

BORG Presents

The Bradford Odeon Rescue Group (BORG) has uploaded onto YouTube a pictorial tour film that shows the inside of the Odeon building.

Closed in 2000, the building was eventually bought by regeneration quango Yorkshire Forward as a regeneration opportunity. Urban regeneration agency Bradford Regeneration Company (BRC) has been pushing to have this structure demolished to free up a prime -- and profitable -- city centre location.

Unelected bureaucrats in charge of BRC have maintained that the Odeon (formerly known as the Gaumond) is structurally unsafe and a danger. In its place, they have proposed building yet another off the shelf concrete and glass scheme offering the usual banal retail, office, leisure and luxury apartment living. Yet the Odeon is a much-loved building and forms an important part of the city's individual character.

BORG is fighting to have the building rescued. As the video shows, the Odeon might look a bit shabby after eight years in mothballs, but it is still fully kitted out. This isn't so much a derelict -- more a Marie Celeste. Even the projection gear remains in situ...

Another short film featuring "behind the scenes" photos and footage of original features from the New Victoria/Gaumont era will be uploaded onto YouTube soon, the organisation says. To see more about the campaign to save the Odeon visit BORG's MySpace page at




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