Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Muse Has Spoken

Satirical entry is the latest addition

The current edition of Writers' Muse magazine continues the ongoing publication of my work, with the inclusion of the satirical short story 'Coming Home To Roost'.

Writers' Muse is a quarterly A5 publication, based in Stockport, Cheshire, that features a wide-range of fiction, poetry and prose. The October edition (#45) is available now, price £2.99. For more information about the magazine, visit

'Coming Home To Roost' presents a sinister satire on the ongoing attempt to provide so-called affordable housing alongside the developer-led frenzy to build up-market yuppiefied neighbourhoods for the aspirationally affluent. Read it and weep, as the story presents the kind of 'saving the world' PR-speak with the harsh realities of housing ordinary mortals.

Now that the housing market has collapsed, the financial world is in freefall, the story begs us to wonder -- is this brave new world presented awaiting us all? It is certainly coming home to roost...

"Security is considered a very big deal indeed at Containment Facility 1.01, so for their own security and peace of mind, every resident has been implanted -- free of charge -- with a GPS locator. These devices, no bigger than a grain of rice, are implanted at the base of the skull. They monitor the owner's whereabouts and ensure they never need get lost. This will enable key workers and others granted right of passage beyond the perimter to find their way easily to the location of employment... And, of course, in those bright orange jumpsuits they'll tend to be highly visible."

Read the the full story in the October edition of Writers' Muse -- and contrary to what you might think, it isn't about life in the Government proposed eco-towns...


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