Saturday, 21 February 2009


Bit On The Side
By Mark Cantrell

Takes sides,
So, little wonder Truth is coy
And hard to find,
Yet strong and loyal
When her favour’s whim is thine,
Even so,
Never be so much the fool
To take her favour forever said,
Or make faith that she’s
Always by your side.
For in that folly will Truth
Turn and bite any hand that seeks
To bind her.
A powerful foe, she is, when provoked,
Just as her virtue is strength when
Justly invoked.
Truth will wear no chains willing.
She will rattle the bars of any cage,
And forever struggle to bare her all.
In light of day, and unblinkered vision,
Truth, holds no jealous
Courtier as her liege.
She is fickle, she is free,
No one holds her divine,
So seek her favour at your peril.
She is her own side.

Mark Cantrell,
17 September 2008

Copyright © September 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Category: POETRY


Hello friend, I liked this very much. Well done.



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