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Reviewed In Isolation

Fresh fiction is pure ‘golden’

Isolation Space,
By Mark Cantrell,
Published By Lulu
£9.99 | ISBN: 978-1-4092-7030-0 | Paperback (284 pages)

Available from Lulu

Mark Cantrell’s anthology Isolation Space gained some positive feedback in the latest issue of Writers Muse magazine. The bi-monthly publication features a review of the paperback collection in the current issue.

The anthology, published by Lulu, contains 20 stories by the author, combining a mix of science fiction and horror along with some more stories of a more contemplative and thought-provoking nature. It certainly presents an engaging mix for anyone for a taste for these genres, and more than a little for those whose tastes straddle the boundaries of literary strictures.

In his review, Jim Palmer wrote in 50 (August 2009): “As well as the horror and science fiction pieces, there are some wonderfully observed satirical stories. It’s hard to write satire that leaves the writer helpless with mirth, rage and realisation of the truth behind the story, but Mark achieves it brilliantly. His pace when writing these types if pieces is inestimable...

“Like many of the best science fiction and horror stories, there are twists in the tail of many of these pieces, and, also like many of the best in those genres, then end, when it hits you, is not at all expected...

“If you love being thrilled, frightened, intrigued, fascinated and engrossed, you can do no better than get hold of this book.”

Writers Muse is published every second month and presents a diverse range of fiction and articles; thought provoking and satirical, hilarious or downright serious, disturbing and exciting, entertaining and engaging, the magazine fits well on any literature-lovers shelves. To find out more visit the magazine website at

For more information about Isolation Space, visit Book Marks, or go direct to the publisher’s website Lulu and order a copy now.


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