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Chapbooks To Download

Chance to take a look at some rare pamphlets

Chapbooks are common among poetic circles, where they are often traded around like business cards. The form of self-publishing has a long history and is a tried and tested means for showcasing and sharing work, but by their nature are somewhat limited in reach.

Like so many of his peers, writer Mark Cantrell took to the form, not only for poetry, but also for his articles and the occasional short story. As is typical of the form, the photocopied, staple-bound A5 chapbooks sold in small numbers, but they were all a part of the social and literary scene.

Years later, he has chosen to re-issue three of his old chapbooks in electronic form, presenting them as PDF e-books. This time round, there is no charge for these rare works – after all there’s no reproduction costs in PDF – so the following chapbooks can now be downloaded for free.

On Literature
Some Selected Journalism
By Mark Cantrell

First published in 2004

Borrowing the chapbook form for a small collection of his journalistic writing, Mark published On Literature to take a look at the world of the creative writer. The features look at some quirky exploits in the wide-world of literature, as well as some of the exploits of his fellow scribes in Bradford and elsewhere during the early Noughties. Alongside these explorations of the real-world creative writing scene, he presents a number of essays taking a more creative and prosaic look at literary life.

Confessions of a Poetry Virgin
By Mark Cantrell

First published in 2001

Relatively new to the poetry scene when it was first published, hence the title, Mark presented a small collection of his poetry to mark his d├ębut as a poet. This wasn’t only in the written form, but as a performance poet standing up to be counted at the microphone before an audience of his peers. Indeed, it was the influence of open mic poets that first inspired him to capture his poetic thoughts on paper and present them aloud. To this day, his poetic works remains influence by that and is written to be read aloud – if you dare.

In The Words of Chairman Me
By Mark Cantrell

First published in 2004

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek presentation of Mark’s poetry and prose writing, it nevertheless contained some serious writing alongside works of a more frivolous and fun nature. This was the last of his efforts in chapbooks, before he moved on to pastures new – in work, living, and literary activities.

Find these works and more at Scribd where they are available to download FREE in PDF format. Visit Scribd at the link below.

For even more writing by Mark Cantrell, covering poetry, fiction, essays and journalism, then visit where a host of his previous work is archived in an online anthology of literature.


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