Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bumpy Summer Book

Young, pregnant – and dumped

WHEN Laura Pauley found herself pregnant, she also found herself homeless and out of a job in rapid order after her boyfriend – and the father of her child – told her he didn’t want to know.

Rather than mope around, Laura has written her experience in a book due for release shortly. ‘My Summer Bump’ details her sudden change of circumstance, charts her progress through pregnancy and life, and is intended to present some kind of guidance and advice to women who might find themselves in similar circumstances.

The tale is best told by the author herself, so for more information visit


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Laura is a courageous woman. Kudos to her for turning her story into a book to inspire women in similiar situations. And kudos to you, a man, for shedding the light on this issue. :)

It sounds like an inspiring story to read. Thanks for introducing it to us.



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