Monday, 31 May 2010

This Is The Day

Help Needed
By Mark Cantrell

They’re my favourite days,
The best of days,
For the brand new week they bring,
Waking up on the morn’, brings
That bright and breezy joy:
Thank God it’s Monday, I cry
For it all begins again.
When Friday comes,
I’m so forlorn,
Why oh why, can it not be Monday?
When every day’s a Monday,
Every day is bliss,
That’s why everyday is Monday,
In my special Monday world.
I demand the Monotony of Monday,
So every day can be the same.
Monday’s mine, I demand,
Monday, all the more.
I’m forever mad for Mondays...

You can see I’m plain

Mark Cantrell,
(Monday) 15 March 2010

Copyright (C) March 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Category: POETRY



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