Saturday, 4 September 2010

Free For All

Sweet Liberty

By Mark Cantrell

They locked away
Sweet Liberty
For Crimes Against
She was raving mad, you see,
Poor dear,
Believed people were born to be free.
Left at that,
Would be no sin,
But she added a dreadful caveat:
The poor are people too,
She cried.
And so she sealed her fate.
Our Lords replied, not so:
An exclusive club is Freedom,
Only for the Rich,
So, yes, they knew, Liberty was mad,
And clearly oh so
Fearing this infection
Might spread among the poor,
They sought her out,
For our own sake,
To protect us from
Her ravings.
With robocops and choppers,
Eavesdroppers in the sky
And good old CCTV, they soon found poor
Ms Liberty,
Friendless and alone, it seemed.
They locked her away
Too late, maybe,
For allies rallied round.
Now they seek her raving kin,
For singing Liberty's solidarity.

Mark Cantrell
Bradford, 20 August 2001

Copyright © August 2001. All Rights Reserved.

Category: POETRY


Very interesting writing. Your poem has a depth to it.

Many thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the poem.


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