Saturday, 30 April 2011

May Day Book Offer

Something for the weekend

Special May Day weekend offer on Citizen Zero

Mark Cantrell's hard-hitting science fiction thriller and political satire, Citizen Zero, is available at the subversively low-price of $0.99 (around 60 pence) for the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad, Nook and other popular devices only from Smashwords. 

"On the security monitors, he watched the city burn. The imagined scent of smoke and ash mingled with the electric odour of conditioned air. Occasionally the screen flared white as the cameras struggled to cope with the unfamiliar brightness. A solitary monitor scanned the corridor and displayed the armed security police hammering against the doors..."

A desperate tale of survival amidst social and political upheaval in a post-austerity Britain, for those who like their dystopias served with a chilling twist...

Get your copy now from Smashwords using coupon code EW24Z at the checkout.

Offer ends on 3 May 2011

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