Friday, 28 October 2011

Bite The Bullet

You looking at me?

OKAY, so unaccustomed as I am to letting a video camera steal a slice of my soul, I endured the glassy gaze for the sake of UKFast's roundtable discusion on the alleged death of traditional print and the rise of digital publishing.

Here's the results. The discussion lasted a good hour and covered a lot of ground, so you obviously wouldn't want to sit through all that, so without further ado check out the edited highlights...

The First Take: Traditional v Online Publishing, Who's Winning?

Take Two: Is Price The Key To The eBook Revolution?

Take Three: A Summary Of Opinions:

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I'm sorry but the only people who I know that took his advice had to live apart. The husband found work in London, but his wife had to stay in the North East. The price they would have sold their house for was very low compaired to London prices. They eventually lived together after several years for a few months, when he returned 'home' as he was dying of cancer.

That's all I remember about his advice

Sorry - I put the comment on the wrong post. I was talking about 'On your bike'

No worries -- I thought you'd got the wrong post -- and no need to apologise.

It's very easy for me to satirise the man and his obnoxious idea that split up families and communities, after all, I never experienced the harsh realities.

I'm sorry for what happened to the family you mention and for their loss.


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