Friday, 25 November 2011

Life's Too Short

Deus Ex Insomnia
Orbital Decay
By Mark Cantrell

We orbit,
Far away, but with each turn
We spiral ever closer
To the terminal point of doom.
Behold it, in space-time
Like the Reaper, cowled
By the shattered remains
Of matter & thought,
Tumbling slow into the dark space
Closer now, we spin,
Each of us in turn
Tumbling towards that Dark Abyss
At the end of our life's time:
The Event Horizon
Where Mind & Soul
Is torn asunder,
Ripped from fleshly remains,
By the gravitational forces
Of Death's Black Hole.
There, within that super-dense
Is the junk yard of the Mind;
Our thoughts and feelings
From the beginning to the end
All the pain and the tears,
All the laughter and the joy,
All the things we did and yet
Could have done,
Crushed into one.
In that singular singularity
We call the Past.

Mark Cantrell,
Bradford, 7 January 2003

If I remember right, this poem (and many others!) appears in my collection Deus Ex Insomnia, available in paperback from Amazon and in a variety of digital formats at Smashwords.

Copyright (c) January 2003. All Rights Reserved.

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