Friday, 6 January 2012

Hise Rise For Indies

Hise on the rise – and he's taking indies with him 

An Arizona-based author's new website is looking to do rather more than promote his own work – he intends the site to become a vehicle to help drive the development of independent writers.

More authors are turning to new technology to take their works to market, be they purely digital products intended for e-readers, or print-on-demand paperback works, and the site, Indies Unlimited, intends to reflect that. Content is set to include interviews, articles, links, video book trailers, contests, reviews, industry news, tutorials and recommendations.

All told, the aim is for the site to become an essential resource for writers and readers alike, to "celebrate, educate and promote" independent authors.

Packed with a flair for personality as much as practical advice – as a visit to the site will soon confirm – Indies Unlimited is the brainchild of Stephen Hise. He is himself an indie, and has been writing both personally and professionally for many years. He published his first novel in 2010, along with a collection of short stories on which he collaborated with two other authors.

“We are at the beginning of a technological revolution in how books are written, published, marketed, purchased, and read,” said Hise. “I started Indies Unlimited to showcase the amazing amount of talent in the indie author community. I hope to connect authors with each other and with readers as well.”

Indies Unlimited is designed to provide a platform for independent authors to share and exchange ideas, knowledge, expertise and frustrations; and, for readers and reviewers to become exposed to the "amazing depth and array of talent" in the indie community.

The self-styled 'evil genius' has recruited a notable line-up of henchfolk to support him in delivering the site. With a staff consisting of multi-published, best-selling and ground-breaking writers, Indies Unlimited is said to be able to provide guidance and input to assist less-experienced authors. 

“I have recruited authors and industry experts from different areas of the publishing field to provide insight, expertise, and diverse perspectives on the many facets of writing,” Hise added.

Indies Unlimited offers so much to so many,” award-winning author K S Brooks said of the site: “I really enjoy the sharp-witted, fresh content.  It’s always good to be able to laugh when you’re involved in such a competitive industry.”

 Authors who might like to consider contributing to the site can submit a query here:


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