Sunday, 4 March 2012

OFFER: Read An eBook Week (4-10 March)

Done deal for a festival of digital literature

THE deal is done and the books are on the table. All you have to do is head on over to Smashwords to partake of the half-price book deal now running to celebrate Read An eBook Week (4-10 March 2012).

For the rest of this week, my novel CITIZEN ZERO, fiction anthology ISOLATION SPACE, and my poetry collection DEUS EX INSOMNIA, can be bought for half the usual retail price using the coupon code REW50.

Visit Smashwords, and then just enter the above code at the checkout to purchase the works for $1.58 or 99p in UK money. After that, download the format of your choice: the works are available for the Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple and other devices.

CITIZEN ZERO is a hard-hitting dystopian thriller set in a near-future Britain broken by social division and austerity. The novel is not for the faint-hearted, especially as the UK appears to be living through the prequel…

David Mills finds himself dragged into a political conspiracy that propels the country to the brink of civil war. All he wanted was a job, now he has to struggle to stay alive as he becomes a pawn in a deadly intrigue to topple a dictatorial Prime Minister. Think Boys from the Blackstuff meets The Matrix, throw in a dose of V for Vendetta, and witness the explosive climax to this age of austerity.

Find out more at the Citizen Zero sub-site. Buy the book from Smashwords.

ISOLATION SPACE presents an eclectic collection of 20 short stories, from horror to the macabre, through science fiction and fantasy, to the mischievous and satirical. There’s aliens and vampires, surreal streams of consciousness, twisted perceptions, dangerous appetites, and an eye-watering end to the night.

Find out more at The Book Is The Life. Buy the anthology at Smashwords.

DEUS EX INSOMNIA is a collection of 80-odd poems, ranging from the macabre to the mischievous, with plenty of thought prodded and provoked. To add to the mix, the collection throws in a few creative non-fiction essays that explore the mysterious brain-space where literature is born.

Find out more about the collection at The Book Is The Life. Buy the collection from Smashwords.

Don’t forget, the above titles are available at half-price only from Smashwords, using the coupon code REW50 at the checkout.

Find out more about Read An eBook Week.


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