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POEM: Solitude In Starlight

Under Star Fall
By Mark Cantrell

I surrender,
Every limitation
And take upon myself
Each sin and singular persuasion
Of life’s folly and illusion,
To dazzle truth
In the glare of outward aspiration.

Shall I stand, wide-eyed with arms high,
To stare skyward
In primate awe, dreaming of
Dark stars
Beyond reach of Earthbound
Folly, where those grounded aspirations born
To fertilise soil forever languish unfounded.

There, in that posture of solitude,
Under starlit shadow,
Shall I call forth creations unbound,
For all the sorrows born today, tomorrow, in time,
To perish unfounded, ignored, forgotten,
In our hearts.

So confounded, I shall weep tears
Of stellar shimmer, congealed, crystallised,
Into dew drops
Shining in some mirrored inversion
Of Heaven’s mirage.

There, reaching out, head back, eyes drowned in the infinite
Of dark night unfolding,
I shall trigger a deluge of star fallen
Soul song, its siren wailing to a bitter cosmos
Made of raw indifference.

My face shall then feel the chill
As those soulful stars turn to iced tears,
To Fall,
Like damned Angels, doomed
To share this, our bitter pill
Of life.

Mark Cantrell,
27 April 2009

First published by Atlantean Publishing Awen #64 (June 2010)

Copyright © April 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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