Sunday, 9 March 2008

Freedom Rider

Pensioner's poetic journey to freedom

THERE’S always one and it just has to be the one and only Karl Dallas. The veteran campaigner is about to make the most of his new pensioners’ bus pass with a whistle-stop tour of the country.

As he prepares to bard it across the country, Dallas is inviting poets and musicians to come and tell him where to go – for an evening of entertainment. The night of poetry and song will also seek to raise donations for charity Medical Aid for Palestine.

Join Dallas on the 2nd April from 8pm at St Paul’s Church Hall, Skinner Lane, Manningham, Bradford, if you’d care to give him a rip-roaring send off.

Along the way, Dallas will be stopping off at various venues for a musical and poetical free pensioner’ tour.

“The tour is shaping up really well, with bookings as far afield as Croydon and the Forest of Dean, he said. “Follow up gigs are planned for May, in Bath and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I shall be visiting the Bridge Club in the latter fair city, in which I sang last in 1958, when I was touring with Billy Smart’s Circus!”

So see him there, or here, or even everywhere. Alternatively, see him on the 2nd April to say bon voyage.

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