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Game For A Book

Museum publisher seeks writing on games

Everything games is the theme of a new book set to be published by Edinburgh’s MuseumsEtc, edited by Katy Beale, and written from an international perspective.

Gaming is a serious business, and in its call for submissions, the publishers are looking for case studies, essays, opinion pieces and similar kinds of serious work written to between 2,000 and 5,000 words. The book – 'Museums at Play: Games, interaction and learning’ is scheduled for publication in Spring 2011.

Beale has worked recently with Tate, Science Museum, BBC Radio 3, Crafts Council and Camden Arts Centre and she has written a chapter in ‘Twitter for Museums’ also published by MuseumsEtc. She is said to have a “wide-ranging interest in this field and extensive experience helping creative and cultural organisations interact with and develop their audiences”.

“Games cover a broad spectrum of ages, genres and pastimes,” said a spokesperson for the museum. “There are games that play with words, clues, dice; games that involve running around, talking with strangers; games that we can play in a five-minute tea break, those that take a lot longer; games that we don't even realise we are playing.”

Museums use games in many ways, according to MuseumsEtc, whether that is for interpretation, education, marketing, outreach and events. Museums at Play is looking to showcase tried and tested examples from the sector and seek to inspire further “informed use of games as part of the museum toolbox”.

Case studies are sought that examine:

  • The use of games in museums (or cultural organisations) to further interpretation, learning, outreach, marketing, branding and other events.
  • The use of games with different audiences: children, adults, minorities, people with disabilities and so on.
  • The use of different types of games in museums, for example digital, physical, mobile, virtual, multi-player.
  • Successful game commissioning, budgeting, development and creation.
  • The evaluation process and the impact of games.

The book is calling for theoretical pieces covering such things as future developments and trends; and theoretical and analytical thinking in the field of games, museums and the cultural sector.

Anybody interested in contributing the book should send an abstract (up to 250 words) and a short biography to both the editor of the book and the publishers by 11 December 2010. Successful contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

Contact the editor Katy Beale at
Contact the publishers at

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