Tuesday, 29 March 2011

FREE Sample

Restored on Scribd: A substantial FREE sample of the hard-hitting novel Citizen Zero

A dystopian glimpse at a future born in an age of austerity and political uncertainty, CITIZEN ZERO is a gripping social satire that exposes our deepest fears, and presents a grave warning to any society that abandons the pursuit of social justice. The novel presents a grim future of a society broken by austerity. It blends the stark social commentary of ‘The Boys From The Blackstuff’, the millennial anarcho-chic of ‘The Matrix’, and the uncompromising force of ‘V for Vendetta’ into one devastating portrayal of tomorrow’s Britain…

Citizen Zero Sample

First published in PDF back in July 2010 with Lulu, CITIZEN ZERO is now available for the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and other popular e-reading devices from the following sources:

For more information visit www.zerocitizen.blogspot.com

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