Sunday, 19 February 2012


Mastering my own domain

ALL good things come to an end and so it is for The Word On The Wall and its sister blog The Book Is The Life as they head off into a well-earned retirement, but all is not lost since their legacy shall live on.

As you might recall from an earlier post, the publisher Inspired Quill (IQ) has signed up my novel Silas Morlock for publication later this year, so what better occasion to take the next leap in terms of my digital presence?

The next few months, of course, will see a lot of work carried out behind the scenes – I’ll probably write about some of it – as the raw manuscript is polished and dressed ready to make its debut before a discerning world.

Over the same period, but going live considerably sooner – obviously – I’ll be working on making the transition to a brand-new website, together with an associated blog, brought together under the banner of my own domain name.

Stay tuned and do not adjust your set, it’s not that kind of digital switchover – just be ready to bookmark the next chapter. For now, it’s early days – barely a conceptual sketch let alone a blueprint – so there’s still a little life left in this old blog yet. 


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