Sunday, 29 March 2009

Magazine Aims For Rebirth

Poems wanted for relaunch

A group of undergraduate students are in the process of resurrecting New CollAge magazine and are looking for poetry submissions.

A Professor A McA Miller originally founded the magazine in 1964 at the New College of Florida. The journal’s ethos was to welcome submissions from anyone, anywhere. When he retired in 2005, the magazine also folded. Now, it is looking to make a reappearance in the spring of 2009, complete with a new website.

The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2009.

“We are looking for poems with craft, with magic, with music, with teeth,” the editorial team says. “Simultaneous submissions are fine, but every poem will count for us in the nascent days of the magazine, so please let us know promptly if you must withdraw a submission.”

Interested poets should paste three to five poems into the body of an email. A short biography should also be included, but – as the editors say – “don’t get carried away”. The response time for a reply will be around two to three months.

For those who prefer ‘snail mail’ submissions, the address is: New CollAge Magazine, New College of Florida, c/o WRC, 5800 Bayshore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243, USA.






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