Friday, 2 July 2010

Submissions Wanted

Written in stone

Ireland’s ‘Stony Thursday Book’ is calling for submissions to the ninth edition which will be published in October this year. Poets from beyond the country’s shores are welcome to send in up to six poems for consideration.

The publication of the next issue will be published to coincide with Cuisle, Limerick City International Poetry Festival, which runs from 13-16 October in Limerick. The deadline for submissions for this next issue of the ‘Stony Thursday Book’ is August 13, 2010.

“The Stony Thursday Book was founded by Limerick poets John Liddy and Jim Burke in 1975, and has also been edited by Mark Whelan, Kevin Byrne, Patrick Bourke and Knute Skinner and Thomas McCarthy. This year the editor will be Mark Whelan,” said a spokesperson.

No more than six poems should be sent and the closing date is 13 August. Each poem submitted should bear the author’s name and address on each page. Envelopes should be marked ‘The Stony Thursday Book’.

Send poems to: The Arts Service, Limerick City Council, City Hall, Merchant’s Quay, Limerick, Ireland. Or email them to:

For more information:





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